All-Natural Ingredients

About Us


InnovaNutra offers nature-inspired products to the food, beverage and personal care industries.

Our mission is to improve shelf-life and delivery of susceptible natural food and personal care ingredients, enable development of clean label products in food and cosmetic sector, taste-masking of bitter ingredients and reduce cost of valuable ingredients in the finished products.

InnovaNutra’s technology can produce formulations with concentrated amounts of naturally occurring, health-promoting nutrients while removing any bitterness or astringency associated with them. This aids in reducing the amount of added sugars needed to have a great tasting snack or beverage.


A Combined

50+ years of experience

in Food R&D, and Food & Beverage business


Our Team


Nitin Nitin PhD

Co-Founder and Chairman


Anu Ranganathan PhD

Co-Founder and CTO


Stephen Young PhD

Co-Founder and NSF Postdoc Fellow

dan copy.png

Dan Rosson MBA

Business Advisor


Mario Parks M.S.

Research Associate

Rachelle Woods M.S.

Product Formulation Chef